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United Nations and Global Governance

The purpose of Earth Charter activities in this area has been to influence policy making and demonstrate the relevance of the Earth Charter’s values and principles to global governance.

Along these lines, a number of materials have been developed and activities have been undertaken over the past years. Groups involved in policy making, global governance, and international law are encouraged to make use of the Earth Charter as a soft law document and ethical framework to help reinforce the development of new laws and policies.

Also, ECI occasionally coordinates Initiative efforts to contribute to UN and civil society policy documents and statements, such as for Rio+20.

Earth Charter and International Law Database:  Correlations between the Earth Charter and international laws with a special emphasis on environmental laws


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    Former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, Earth Charter Council Member Alide Roerink, and Earth Charter Friend in the Netherlands Lavinia Warnars issue collective statement.
    Leonard Boff comments on the new Encyclical of Pope Francis - Laudato Si'
    Earth Charter International (ECI) Secretariat was invited to participate in the Second Forum on Global Citizenship Education.
    Welcome to the Australian Earth Laws Alliance!
    Benjamin Haertel shares his experience taking Earth Charter positions at the Webster MUN in Vienna.
    Eradicating Ecocide movement leader Polly Higgins will be monitoring and commenting on this open discussion.
    Join Earth Charter International and friends in NYC to march in support of strong climate action!
    A workshop on the importance of ethics for international environmental policy and law with respect to the Earth Charter was organized during the 12th IUCN AEL Colloquim
    This 19-chapter book contains a wealth of papers related to Ecological Integrity and the Earth Charter.
    On 7 May 2014, the ECI Secretariat hosted a webinar on the post-2015 agenda with a focus on the data revolution.
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