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The Earth Charter and Rio 20 Communications Campaign

On Earth Day, Earth Charter International launched the 2012 Earth Charter and Rio+20 Communications Campaign with the slogan
See the world through the Earth Charter lenses”.

The campaign involves two one-minute TV videos, as well as printed advertisements, an exhibition, and more. This campaign will spread the Earth Charter message and run through two phases from April to December 2012. It seeks to sensitize people about the need to see what normally is not seen and to perceive the interconnections.

See the first Earth Charter 2012 TV spot in English, Spanish, or  Portuguese.

We invite you to spread this video widely.

About the campaign:

The world community has mostly failed to live up to the promise of the Earth Summit in 1992, now, in the same city as the original meeting; the world community will reunite to search for solutions to the same sustainable development challenges. One of the key themes for this year United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is Green Economy, and the Earth Charter’s campaign is centered specifically on the Earth Charter’s influence on that aspect of Rio+20. The rational for this is that a shared vision of sustainability and a common ethical framework, as the Earth Charter, are urgently needed to address sustainable development challenges, forge collaboration and guide solutions.

This 2012 communication campaign seeks to offer the Earth Charter's integrated vision as a guiding vision for green economy, as it will be necessary to ensure that any effort to promote green economy policies and practices will follow principles of ecological integrity, economic and social justice, democracy, nonviolence and peace.

We also invite you to read the following papers of relevance to the Earth Charter and Rio+20:

•    The Earth Charter Submission to the Rio+20 Compilation Paper
•    The Earth Charter and the Green Economy
•    Principles for the Green Economy
•    Enabling a Flourishing Earth: Challenges for the Green Economy, Opportunities for Global Governance, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

Watch interviews with Jan Pronk and Maurice Strong talking about Rio+20.

Join the discussion on facebook and twitter.

It is crucial that the movement to promote a new green economy adopts a common ethical framework!

The Earth Charter, with its systemic vision on sustainability, can contribute to the Rio+20 Green Economy discourse.

This campaign has been made possible through the collaboration of:

This campaign received the support of:

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