Youth Partner Organizations

“Provide all, especially children and youth, with educational opportunities that empower them to contribute actively to sustainable development.¨

Earth Charter Principle 14a

Earth Charter International collaborates with key youth organizations that actively promote the Earth Charter in their vision, values, and work. Would ECI and your organization mutually benefit from a partnership? Please consider the following check list:

  • Does your organization or network have an international or global scope?
  • Is your organization youth-oriented, or does it have a particular branch or department dedicated to youth?
  • Is your organization’s mission and vision aligned with that of the Earth Charter?
  • Has your organization endorsed the Earth Charter?
  • Does your organization (want to) embrace and support the Earth Charter principles and values?
  • Does your organization (want to) directly and explicitly use the EC in activities and programming?

A partnership amplifies the reach and effectiveness of both organizations to engage and train youth to be leaders in creating positive change locally and globally. For specific partnership benefits, consider the following:

  • Acknowledgement of the partnership on ECI’s and Partner’s websites and appropriate written promotional materials
  • Collaboration to identify specific strategies for incorporating the EC into Partner’s activities and programs
  • Assistance in marketing relevant events and news to online networks when appropriate

Neither Partners nor ECI are under any financial obligations.

If you’d like to discuss partnership possibilities with ECI, please contact the Coordinator of Youth Projects at

Meet ECI’s current youth partners:

united-nations-youth-associations-network-unyanetUNYANET (Germany): The United Nations Youth Associations Network is an international network of UN Youth Associations which aims to strengthen the network through exchanging knowledge, resources, experiences, and a shared identity.


climatesCliMates (France): A global Student Think & Do Tank committed to finding and promoting innovative solutions to climate change.


ideas-for-usIdeas for US (USA): An organization that helps nurture the talents of youth leaders to drive solutions and implement sustainability programs and initiatives on campuses and across communities around the World.


organisation-of-african-youth -oayouthOAYouth (Africa): The Organization of African Youth is a continental movement that unifies all individual young people in Africa with a view to encourage active participation in policy-making channels, sustainable development, democratic processes while promoting peace, openness and good governance.


pidesPides (Mexico): A Think & Do Tank catalyzing, generating and helping develop projects related to different social and environmental needs and creating spaces for youth to get involved and become social entrepreneurs.


Reto Juvenil Internacional (Costa Rica): An organization that promotes community development through global leadership, providing international volunteer opportunities for local and international volunteers.


la-ruta-del-climaLa Ruta del Clima (Costa Rica): An organization of Latin American youth promoting and facilitating spaces for youth decision-making and Education on climate change and sustainable development.


shiftShift: This Euro-Arab Initiative is dedicated to empower young people to participate actively in the shaping and reforming of the Euro–Arab Relation and to improve the living conditions of young people as citizens in today’s world.


university-for-peaceUniversity for Peace: The UN-mandated university is dedicated to the goals of quality teaching, research and service for serving humanity in building a peaceful world.


youth-action-for-changeYouth Action for Change: YAC is an international youth run non-profit organization which equips young people with knowledge and skills that enable them to directly improving their communities and livelihoods through online action focuses courses and grassroots youth empowerment projects.


EOTO World LogoEOTO World provides capacity building services for human rights activists across the globe to strengthen anti-poverty and peace work. EOTO World ensures safe spaces for activists to publish critical analyses, build vital skills, network and share resources to transform communities across the globe.

CSAYN_logoClimate-Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN) is a group of volunteers (based in eight countries in sub saharan Africa, US, Canada, and Europe) – sharing findings and seeking advice for their practical projects in CSA and the environment. Youth trainings such as African Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals aim to engage youth across Africa to better understand the SDGs and how they can contribute to the achievements of the SDGs.

Casas Optimus youth partnerCasas Optimus is a universal and professional family, offering sustainable planning, architectural design and construction services focusing on quality of life and having a minimal carbon footprint while carrying out these projects.