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Communication and Media

EC Communication and Media Task Force Mission:

Through a global communication campaign touch hearts and move minds around the world, inspiring people individually and collectively to transform their way of thinking, becoming living examples of the Earth Charter, reflecting and acting
for all - humanity, life and “Earth.

EC Communication and Media Task Force Vision:

We envision global alliances formed with the most powerful media organizations - both in reach and affluence - that will work collaborative with the Earth Charter Com. Task Force to massively and rapidly amplify basics values helping form the necessary ethical foundation for the emerging world community.

The Goal of the Communication and Media Task Force is to meet Earth Charter Initiative 1st goal:

To raise awareness worldwide of the Earth Charter and to promote understanding of its inclusive ethical vision.


1. To introduce the Earth Charter to millions of people in different levels of society.

2. To raise awareness for the urgent need of a stronger ethical foundation of a shared vision to a common future to solve “Earth’s and humanity’s” serious challenges.

3. To inspire change in values and attitudes, at all levels of society and from the youngest to the decision makers.

4. To motivate people to take positive actions that will contribute to build a sustainable and just global community.

The EC Communication Task Force Guiding Principles

Would you like to take part?

EC Communication Task Force History

Visit the Earth Charter and Rio+20 Communications Campaign!


Earth Charter Radio Campaign,
created by the Earth Charter Youth Leadership Team, consists of 4 radio spots introducing the Earth Charter and its principles in sustainability.
The length of each spot is 15 – 20 seconds and they are free to download. Read more from the campaign website



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    More academic and intellectual discussions will be held in this new group on LinkedIn.
    To celebrate his 85th birthday, a video interview of Maurice Strong has been produced highlighting challenges and solutions, including the Earth Charter.
    A successful photo exhibition of Miguel Igreja that was presented at the Rio+20 People's Summit is still active and going around Brazil.
    On January 31st and February 1st, ECI held two days of events  to officially open its Center for ESD at UPEACE and co-hosted an international conference.
    Earth Charter Friends in the Netherlands, Young Leaders, and a song
    Earth Charter International welcomes high-level dignitaries for the inauguration of its building and a two-day conference.

    This book of photos produced by the University of Guanajuato is called "Earth Charter, Images for Life".

    The Earth Charter in La Reforma, a short documentary, showcases the EC in a prison education system.
    The CRiterio Ambiental Film Festival showed an original Earth Charter documentary.
    In celebration of Earth Day, Earth Charter International was invited to participate in the municipality of Heredia's "Earth Week" activities.
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