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Communication and Media

Organizations and individuals working in the field of communication and media are welcome to embrace the Earth Charter and help raise awareness about it and its vision to the general public.

Some efforts were undertaken to engage the media in raising awareness worldwide of the Earth Charter vision and to promote understanding of its core message. More concretely, there were three volunteer-led communication campaigns held in 2009, 2010, and 2012 through the production and dissemination of one minute TV spots (see the videos clicking here). More information can be found through the following links:

EC Communication Task Force History

Visit the Earth Charter and Rio+20 Communications Campaign!

See more videos and resources on the EC YouTube page.


Earth Charter Radio Campaign
Created by the Earth Charter Youth Leadership Team, this campaign consists of 4 radio spots introducing the Earth Charter and its principles. The length of each spot is 15 – 20 seconds and they are free for download. Read more from the campaign website


Would you like to take part?

If you are involved in any media work and if you feel like spreading the Earth Charter, ECI is specifically looking for volunteers with talents in the following areas:

- Creative writers,
- Art Directors,
- Public relations with good contacts in the press/media industry,
- Events planners and coordinators,
- Media planners,
- Media researchers,
- Web designers,
- Web programmers
- Youth with great social networking skills
- Film and documentary producers 

Please, let ECI know if you or a friend has a couple of hours of week to dedicate to this important cause.

Please contact


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    Sustainability communications using theater and storytelling course breaks new ground.
    EC+15 begins with a webinar, ECI launches a photo contest, EC+15 events in UAE.
    A UAE Earth Charter Youth Group organized the first EC+15 action of 2015
    In 2015, Earth Charter International invites organizations around the world to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Earth Charter.
    Earth Charter International interviewed Valerie Elliott in November 2014.
    This is your opportunity to share with the world your efforts to achieve a more sustainable society!
    More academic and intellectual discussions will be held in this new group in LinkedIn.
    To celebrate his 85th birthday, a video interview of Maurice Strong has been produced highlighting challenges and solutions, including the Earth Charter.
    A successful photo exhibition of Miguel Igreja that was presented at the Rio+20 People's Summit is still active and going around Brazil.
    On January 31st and February 1st, ECI held two days of events  to officially open its Center for ESD at UPEACE and co-hosted an international conference.
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